Swami Nikhilanand

Swami Nikhilanand is a Canadian born Hindu spiritual leader based in Austin, Texas. He is a sanyasi disciple and pracharak of Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji MaharajAttracted to the teachings of Hinduism from a young age, Swami Nikhilanand eventually let his deep spiritual longing lead him to India, where he was most fortunate to come under the guidance of Shree Kripaluji Maharaj. Thereafter, living in the ashrams of JKP, he extensively studied Hindi, the philosophy of the prime Sanskrit scriptures (Vedas, Darshan Shastras, Gita, Bhagwatam), and practiced meditation in the tradition of raganuga bhakti. In 2003, he was given sanyas. Now, with the blessings of his Guruji, he offers satsang programs throughout America, engaging audiences with his clear explanations of Hindu philosophy coupled with inspired chanting of Sanskrit mantras and shlokas and charming nam sankirtan. His informative and compelling speeches provide practical insight into how to adopt the teachings of Sanatan Dharm into our daily lives, and inspire us to awaken our inner spiritual potential. To stay in touch with Swami Nikhilanand, you can like Swami Nikhilanand ji’s  facebook page or follow him on twitter. Swami Nikhilanand teaches a live on-line video conferencing series called A Study in "Divine Love Consciousness" the first Wednesday of every month.

Sushree Braj Banchary Devi

Braj Banchary Didi is presently the senior most preacher of Jagadguruttam Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj. Her followers lovingly call her Didi Ji. She was blessed and privileged to have spent her entire childhood in the sublime association of her master Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj, which absolutely enhanced her mode of life exclusively towards spirituality. After completing her university education (M.A in Sanskrit), her revered master authorized her to propagate the most authentic philosophy of our holy scriptures in India and abroad. Since 1974 she has traveled to multiple counties including Toronto & Edmonton in Canada, and many cities in the US including Houston, Los Angeles, Dallas and New York.


Didi Ji has a good command of Hindi and English languages. Her knowledge of all the authentic scriptures (Ved, Bhagavat, Geeta, Ramayan etc.) is amazing. She stuns audiences with irrefutable logical answers to any question on Hinduism using proof from references from our holy scriptures.

Sushree Diwakari Devi

Diwakari Deviji is a sanyasi preacher and Vice President of JKP, Radha Madhav Dham. After extensive study of the deepest aspects of the philosophy of Divine Love, Sanskrit scriptures, and devotional music of India, she received Vaishnav sanyas in the raganuga tradition of Vrindaban, India. Since then, she has lectured extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada. Her speech touches the heart and her chanting of the Divine name enters deep in the hearts of the listeners, inspiring them with devotional love for Radha Krishn.

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Sushree Gopeshwari Devi

Born in Fiji to a very illustrious family well known for its social service and spiritual learning, Didi ji
later moved to New Zealand where she is currently residing. Didi Ji became aware of God‘s existence
at a very early age. With further knowledge of Vedic philosophy from “Prem Ras Sidhant”
(philosophy of Divine Love) written by Bhaktiyog Rasavatar Bhagawadanant Saint 1008 Jagadguru
Swami Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj, came with deep yearning to meet His Divine Grace, who  was so
intimate with God and who could guide her in that direction.

Didi Ji was only seventeen when she met the World’s Greatest Spiritual Teacher, Bhagawadanant
Saint Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj. Didi Ji had been deeply moved and touched by the inspiring
words of wisdom so logically, scientifically, spiritually philosophically and yet simply put in a small
book. “Prem Ras Sidhant”. When she found herself at the lotus feet of her Spiritual Master Shri
Kripalu Maharaj Ji, she felt that she had found an oasis in the desert at last. She realised that Shri
Maharaji, as his name “Kripalu” denotes, is the very personification of Grace itself. Bring near him
gave her a feeling of intimacy with her Beloved Radha Rani.

On completion of her academic studies, Didi Ji was instructed by her Spiritual Master to spread the
Divine message to the yearning hearts and eager ears. Thus in 1985, she took the order of Sanyas and
the entire philosophy of the Vedas was imparted to her by Shri Maharaj Ji grace. It started coming to
her naturally. It is the tremendous grace of her Gurudev, which allows her to be eloquent and well
versed. Click for more information about Gopeshwari Didi.

Swami Maheshvaranand

Swami Maheshvaranand is a sanyasi preacher and the spiritual lead of Radha Govind Society which he founded in 2002. Radha Govind Society, a branch of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat (JKP, located in India operating under the guidance of Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj, aims to spread the message of divine love to seeking souls and lead them to the eternal, unlimited and ever increasing bliss that the soul is naturally longing for.  


Having become disenchanted with the material world, as he found neither peace nor happiness in it, Swami Maheshwaranand renounced the world, went to India and enrolled at the Sampurnanand Sanskrit University in Varanasi to study Sanskrit. Introduced to the spiritual teachings of India, Swami Maheshvaranand desired to devote his life to the service to God. During the Sadhana Program of October 1988, Swami Maheshvaranand had the great fortune of meeting Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj, and accepted Him as his Spiritual Master. With the guidance and divine grace of his Spiritual Master, Swamiji studied the deepest aspects on the intricate secrets of the Vedas, Puranas, Shastras and many other scriptures.


Swamiji's speeches awaken a deep sense of spiritual contentment and inspire a positive faith for the attainment for true lasting happiness. His lectures and meditation programs are a revelation of the deepest aspects of the Bhartiya philosophy described in the sacred Sanskrit scriptures (Bhagwatam, Gita, Upanishads, etc.). These practical teachings and spiritual principles can help anyone to benefit by applying them to ones daily life.  Swami Maheshvaranandji has been preaching in Trinidad, Guyana, India, Canada and the USA. His lectures touch the heart and the chanting of the scared name of Radha Krishna inspires divine love into the hearts of the devotee.

Sushree Rameshwari Devi

Shushree Rameshwari Devi, a disciple of Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj, was born in India to a religious Hindu Brahmin family and raised and educated in Canada. Didi Ji was spiritually inclined from early childhood.


A unique event occurred in Didi Ji’s life, when her parents insisted that she get married in the world and continue practicing devotion to God at the same time. Representing the family’s wishes, Didi Ji brought a statue of God in the form of Lord Krishn from India and thus consented for marriage. The family agreed and there after a traditional Hindu marriage ceremony was performed with Lord Krishn (the Deity) as the groom, by a Hindu priest in the presence of close relatives and friends, with all the proper rites and rituals.


Gradually, Didi Ji’s tremendous and unwavering love for God and Guru intensified to such an extent that it eventually led her to take ‘sanyas’, dedicating her life to the spiritual well-being of humanity. As instructed by her spiritual master to preach in the West, Didi Ji has now come to enlighten all spiritual seekers about the true philosophy of Divine Bliss with her in-depth knowledge of all the scriptures from the Vedas to the Ramayan. In doing so, Didi Ji is helping to fulfill our ultimate aim in life that is God-Realization or ever-lasting peace and happiness.